Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Twitter Killed My Blog

Hi. Remember me? I am sorry that I have not been around a lot (actually if you are paying attention you can see that I have not been around for over a year).

It's not's me - actually it was Twitter.

I am not sure exactly sure how it happened. I mean we were just having casual conversations (of 140 characters or less) and suddenly I was ignoring posting things on the blog.

I want to tell you, I am a changed man. I mean I still fall down a lot, bump into walls, have random thoughts that usually escape without monitoring, but deep down I have changed. I want to pay greater attention to my blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

So this is what I am going to do - I am going to shut down 'Upside of Down' on blogspot and create a new environment.

I need a fresh start - a new blog, a new location, but all the witty banter about God, wife, family, friends, and a lot of randomness will still be there.

I hope you will be too...

I will post one last blog post on blogspot in the next few weeks telling the time / location.

Will you follow me there? I promise to be better at posting (not necessarily content, but definitely frequency)!


Norris Family said...

I'm there! Or, I will be when you tell me where to be :)

Grandma McF said...

Same for Grandma McF.